Confusion Reigns in Tennessee Over Employer Limits in "Guns-in-Trunks" Bill

Feb 14, 2013

There is confusion among the sponsors of so-called ‘Guns-in-Trunks’ legislation in Tennessee.  They disagree on whether employers could fire a worker for keeping a gun in their car at the company parking lot, even though it could soon be legal.

During a hearing in the House, Rep. Jeremy Faison said he believed a business owner could still terminate someone storing a weapon in a vehicle.

The legislation doesn’t specifically address the issue, but Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey says he believes gun-carrying employees will be safe from their bosses.

“I feel confident that if they fired someone and they said that was the reason, that employer would be in for a lawsuit and he would lose," says Ramsey.

Despite the lack of clarity, the legislation is on a fast track to becoming law.

Republicans want to avoid the drawn-out fight with gun lobbyists that occurred last year.

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