Copper Thefts On The Rise

Middlesboro, KY – Authorities in southeastern Kentucky think a man who died by electrocution might have been trying to steal copper wire.
The Bell County coroner says 20 year old David Avant was found among live wires near a utility pole that had been cut down. Authorities are investigating whether Avant and two others who were injured earlier this month were trying to take out copper from the utility line or transformer. Officials across the state have said thieves are targeting copper because of its rising price. Utility lines can be good sources of copper. But an official with the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives questions the thieves actions. Dennis Cannon says people are risking their lives for something that's not worth it. Copper can yield up to $1.75 a pound at a scrap yard. Utility company officials and the Kentucky public Service Commission plan to discuss the problem in Frankfort this week.