Corvette TV Ad Pulled After Complaints

AP – General Motors has pulled a Corvette TV ad that shows a young boy driving wildly through city streets. RTemoval of the ad came after safety advocates complained.
Auto safety groups sent a letter to GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner protesting the ad and saying it sent a dangerous message. The ad had been running during the Olympics.
GM spokesman Joe Jacuzzi said the automaker pulled the ad in response to that letter and other consumer feedback.
The ad, titled "A Boy's Dream", features a dream sequence in which a clearly underage boy is shown behind the wheel of a Corvette making unrealistic maneuvers at high speed.
Judith Stone is president of Advocates For Highway and Auto Safety. She was one of the signers of a letter to Wagoner welcoming GM's decision. Critics said the boy looked to be about 11 or 12 years old.
Jacuzzi said the ad never was intended to depict a real life situation