CPE Approves Tuition Hikes

Apr 20, 2012

The Council on Post Secondary Education has approved a tuition increase of up to six percent for students attending the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville this fall. Board members also approved a tuition hike of up to five percent for students attending WKU and other comprehensive universities in the bluegrass state.

Council staff say a number of factors were considered before the new rate caps were approved. State funding, which is expected to be reduced by more than 62 million dollars over the next two years, was a major concern. The Council also voted to allow tuition hikes of up to four percent for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.  The action indicates how much the schools are allowed to charge, but governing boards at the universities will be addressing that issue in upcoming weeks.  The WKU Regents are expected to deal with tuition rates at their next board meeting.