DEA Warns of Internet/Phone Extortion Scheme

Dec 1, 2012

The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning the public about scam artists who pose as DEA agents to try to extort money or get personal information. Authorities say the scam frequently targets those who have purchased drugs over the phone or internet.

Law enforcement officials say the criminals are calling people who purchased drugs and are threatening them with enforcement action if they don’t pay a fine. Those who say they won’t pay the fine are sometimes threatened with arrest or a search of their property.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says victims are frequently instructed to send money to an overseas location or to pay with their credit card. Some victims who had purchased their drugs by credit card are also reporting fraudulent use of their cards.

The public is advised that no agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration will contact individuals by telephone to demand money or any other type of payment. Impersonating a federal agent is a violation of federal law.