Deadline Approaching for Kentucky's Adult Learners

Nov 11, 2013

Some 15,000 Kentuckians have an important deadline approaching.  December 18th will be the last day to take the current version of the GED test.  People who have passed part, but not all of the high school equivalency exam must complete all portions of it before a new test is rolled out in January and their previous scores are wiped out. 

Reecie Stagnolia is Vice President of Adult Education at the Council on Postsecondary Education.  He says this will be the last chance to take the test using pencil and paper.

“As we look at the age demographics of the population who take the test, we think most individuals use technology in some form or fashion in their daily lives, and those skills will be adaptable to where they will be prepared to take the test using a computer," remarks Stagnolia.

This will be the first upgrade to the GED test since 2002.  The new version will allow test-takers to get their scores the same day, but the cost will double from $60 to $120.