Delinquent Taxpayers Names Posted

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky's top 300 tax scofflaws have been posted on a state web site.
State revenue officials have listed online the names and addresses of 150 businesses and individuals who owe the state money in overdue taxes. Listings also include how much each owes in taxes.
There are currently 14 other state, along with the District of Columbia, that post such information on the internet.
Finance cabinet spokeswoman Jill Midkiff says Kentucky is owed about $700 million in delinquent tax revenue. She says the bulk is owed by businesses who have either not turned over sales taxes paid by consumers, or who have not paid the state money they've withheld from employee patchecks.
In 2004, state officials collected $136 million in delinquent taxes. That's an increase of about $35.2 million from what was collected in 2003.