Drivers Cautioned on Sleet, Freezing Rain Forecast for Kentucky

Dec 5, 2013

The approaching winter weather in Kentucky should cause concern for motorists.  The forecast calls for a wintry mix of precipitation late Thursday through Friday. 

Kentucky Transportation Department Spokesman Keith Todd says crews were not able to pre-treat the roadways, which will make for hazardous driving conditions.

“Anytime there’s rain and we pre-treat, the rain just washes the pre-treating material off the roadway, so we’re not going to be able to pre-treat," explains Todd.  "We always like to do that when we can because that puts us out ahead of the storm and gives us a head start.”

Todd says it appears the weather system will arrive a few hours earlier than expected.  Sleet and freezing rain is expected in far western Kentucky Thursday afternoon and will spread eastward in the evening. 

Road conditions throughout the state are posted online at