E. Coli Bacteria At Barren Co. School

Glasgow, KY – Two children at Red Cross Elementary School have been diagnosed with E. Coli bacteria, prompting a medical advisory by the Barren River District Health Department.
Barren County schools superintendent Jerry Ralston met with faculty and staff at the school last week to discuss the situation. He also sent a sheet explaining E. Coli home with every student, as well as a personal letter on how to prevent the spread of the bacteria.
E. Coli can cause an infection of the intestines, including diarrhea, stomach cramps and low-grade fever, although some infected persons may not experience symptoms at all.
More harmful strands are serious and can cause kidney and blood pressure problems.
E. Coli is spread when bacteria leave the body through the stool of an infected person and enter another when hands, food or objects such as toys contaminated by touching are placed in the mouth.
It's unclear how the two at Red Cross Elementary came in contact with the bacteria.
Ralston said the school will intensify its inspections and reviews.