EF 2 Tornado Causes Damage and Minor Injuries in South Central Kentucky

Credit Michael Cook

Update at 12:28am:   According to preliminary reports from the National Weather Service, the path width of damage is 300 yards, with maximum winds of 135 mph, making it an EF2 tornado.  One home was completely demolished, three houses and numerous outbuildings were severely damaged, and several livestock were killed. 

Original Post: A tornado touched down in southern Kentucky Monday afternoon, damaging farm structures and some homes. 

The twister hit in Logan and Simpson counties.  It was visible for miles.

Michael Cook, who took this photo, was working on a farm just west of Franklin when the tornado hit.  It destroyed several grain bins and damaged some homes.

Authorities in Simpson County say corn crops were flattened and trees uprooted by the tornado.

There are no reports of serious injuries.