With Enrollment Deadline Looming, 'Kynectors' Reach Out to Uninsured

Mar 22, 2014

Kynector Sandra Lindsey fielded questions Saturday from Jason Abney about obtaining health insurance.
Credit Lisa Autry

Just over a week from now is the deadline for Kentucky’s uninsured to get coverage through the state’s health care exchange known as Kynect.  The state is working to reach as much of the uninsured population as possible.

On Saturday, several Bowling Green residents turned out for a sign-up event at the Greenwood Mall.  Among them was 32-year-old Jason Abney who was frustrated trying to navigate the website on his own.

"I didn't know exactly which website to go to because when you pull up Kynect on the Internet, it goes to three or four pages at a time, and it was just a hassle," remarked Abney.

Abney has been without health insurance the past year-and-a-half.  He lost coverage when he left his job at a Bowling Green manufacturing plant. 

“I used to have insurance when I worked for Magna and it was pretty good insurance.  I had a car wreck and they paid a bunch of hospital bills, so it pays to have insurance," he added.

Abney got assistance from Sandra Lindsey with Community Action of Southern Kentucky.  She’s a ‘Kynector,’ someone who’s been trained by state officials to help the public navigate Kentucky’s health care exchange.

“The plans themselves, sometimes you need help navigating those.  It’s a little bit confusing because the website gives you a lot of tools to use and if you don’t know how to use those tools, it just adds to your confusion," explained Lindsey.

Among those who attended the outreach event, Lindsey said most were single people.  She said she handled more questions than enrollments, but of those who enrolled, most qualified for Medicaid.

After March 31, the next enrollment period won’t be until November with some exceptions.