Ethics Official Says Patton Probe Should Continue

Frankfort, KY – A lawyer for the Executive Branch Ethics
Commission says a hearing should continue to
look at Governor Patton's alleged dealings with
the nursing home business of a former mistress.
Attorney Boyce Crocker responded to Patton's
request to have the ethics charge against him

Crocker disputed the Kentucky Governor's claims
that the part of the law he's accused of violating is
"vaguely worded" and unconstitutional. Crocker
maintains that Patton attended ethics training at
least once and received "fair notice" that he "shouldn't
use his enormous influence" to help someone with
whom he was personally involved.

The Commission charged Patton in March with four
instances of improperly using his power and
influence to do favors for former mistress Tina Conner.
Patton has repeatedly said that he did not abuse
the power of his office.