Fatal Crash In Ohio River At Henderson

Henderson, KY – Henderson police say they don't know why an SUV ended up in the Ohio River Sunday morning.
Two women were found dead in the vehicle and a survivor has led police to believe there are four men still missing. The search is on for them now.
The accident happened early Sunday morning after the SUV, apparently carrying six passengers, drove off a boat ramp near the downtown Henderson riverfront.
That's according to Henderson police, who talked to Jamie Rakestrew of Evansville, Indiana. She survived the crash.
The two women found inside the SUV have been identified as 32 year old Korena Alvira and 32 year old Diamond Raimey, both of Evansville.
Henderson police and the Henderson County coroner's office are investigating the incident. Autopsies will be performed on the two women Monday.
Police say Rakestrew had met the others in the SUV shortly before they drove into the river and did not know their names.