Federal Money To Fight Marijuana

Washington, D.C. – The battle against marijuana cultivation in the Daniel Boone National Forest is slated to get $900,000 in federal assistance.
The money is in the spending bill for the Department of the Interior, which the House and Senate passed late last week.
Kentucky Congressmen also secured $750,000 in the Interior Bill to allow Daniel Boone National Forest to acquire neighboring land from those willing to sell.
Representative Hal Rogers said the National Forest's top priorities include buying land near the Red River Gorge in Power, Menifee and Wolfe Counties, as well as along the Rockcastle River in Laurel, Rockcastle, Pulaski and Jackson Counties.
Meanwhile, another piece of the puzzle is now in place for Warren County's tri-modal transpark.
Senator Mitch McConnell has earmarked $35 million in the federal budget for construction of an Interstate 65 interchange connector to run to Route 31-W North and Route 68/80 near where the transpark is being built.
Warren County judge executive Mike Buchannon says the interchange is designed to ease traffic congestion and improve safety.
Besides the transpark, northern Warren County has seen rapid growth in both business and residential development in the past few years.