Final Report Details Events Leading Up to Deadly Act of Road Rage in Warren County

Apr 26, 2013

Brandon Bradshaw was shot on Feb. 28 and died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Mar. 2.

A newly-released report answers a lot of questions about a deadly shooting by an off-duty Warren County bailiff. 

After filing an Open Records request, WKU Public Radio has received the complete investigative report on the shooting that occurred February 28 on the 31W-Bypass in Bowling Green. 

The nearly 200-page report appears to substantiate the self-defense claim by Tommy Brown, the off-duty court security officer who fired three shots at 27-year-old Brandon Bradshaw. 

Brown told investigators that Bradshaw had cut him off in traffic when he rolled down his window and said “Man, you almost hit me,” to which Bradshaw replied, "almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades,” then raised his middle finger and used profanity. 

The two men then jockeyed back and forth in traffic before Bradshaw asked Brown to pull into a parking lot. 

Brown, who a witness called “agitated,” got out of his truck and approached Bradshaw.  The witness says Bradshaw attempted to get out of his vehicle when Brown pushed the door shut, preventing Bradshaw from getting out.  That’s when Bradshaw pulled out a gun and pointed it in Brown’s direction.  The witness says a struggle ensued and then she heard shots fired. 

The report goes on to indicate that Bradshaw had a history of anger issues, having been let go from at least one place of employment. 

The case was closed March 27 after a Warren County grand jury did not find enough evidence to indict Tommy Brown, who has since resigned as a Warren County court security officer.

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