First-Term Kentucky Lawmaker Wants Term Limits

Feb 20, 2012

A freshman lawmaker from Louisville has filed a bill in the Kentucky General Assembly that limits how long members can serve.  Legislation by State Representative Mike Nemes limits House and Senate lawmakers to serving no more that three consecutive terms.

  The first-term Republican says after their time is up, lawmakers could opt to run for office in a different chamber.

"It will somewhat rotate leadership so you won't have leaders that possibly could be in charge for 20 or 30 years and kind of run everything, and the rank and file is kind of non-existent if that happens," said Nemes.

The bill by Representative Nemes also extends the terms of House members from two to four years and Senate members from four to six years.  He says extending the length of terms would allow lawmakers to build on their experience while allowing more members the opportunity to serve in leadership positions in both chambers.