Fletcher Still Hospitalized

Lexington, KY – Governor Fletcher may have to spend several more days in a hospital recuperating from gallbladder surgery.
A statement from the Governor's office says Fletcher continues to feel better after a hospital stay that's lasted two weeks. He checked in February 12th for abdominal pains.
Fletcher is being fed through a tube to allow his pancreas to rest.
The statement says Fletcher may need several more days of the supplemental feeding before he can return to work.
Meanwhile, Kentucky's attorney general says he wants two substitute justices named to the Supreme Court by Governor Fletcher to disqualify themselves.
The justices were appointed to hear a case involving an investigation of hiring practices with Fletcher's administration. Attorney General Greg Stumbo says he's concerned because both appointees have contributed to Fletcher's political campaigns.
Fletcher appointed Jeffrey Burdette and Ronald Green on Friday. They replaced two justices who recused themselves from hearing the case.
Fletcher's office has said Burdette and Green's contributions would not affcet their ability to fairly hear the case.
At issue is whether a special grand jury may continue its investigation of hiring practices in Fletcher's administration and issue a final report.
Oral arguments in the case are scheduled to begin next month.