Flu Season Peaking in Kentucky; Residents Encouraged To Get Vaccine

Jan 7, 2014

The flu season is now considered “widespread” across Kentucky, recently upgraded from “regional”.  While state health officials say they aren’t seeing anything out of the ordinary,  they’re still urging residents to take proper precautions.

Dr. Kraig Humbaugh with the state’s Department for Public Health says it’s normal for flu season to peak after the start of the New Year. He says in some particularly bad years, it peaks again near beginning of spring and can sometimes last until May.  Therefore he says, there’s still plenty of time for a flu shot to be effective

“My advice would be, for folks that haven’t had an opportunity to get it  --  or have been procrastinating --  to get that vaccination as soon as they can so their bodies can develop those antibodies to protect them against the flu,” said Dr. Humbaugh.

Dr. Humbaugh says this year’s vaccine does offer protection against the H1N1 strain. While other states have had it worse, he says thus far, he knows of only one adult death in Kentucky blamed on the flu.