Furlough Notices Go Out to Fort Campbell, Other Army Posts

Jun 6, 2013

Furlough notices began going out this week to Defense Department workers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana.  The furloughs are part of the across-the-board cuts required under a budget bill that took effect March 1. 

For 11 days between July and September, it will not be business as usual at Army installations, although the most impacted will be those who work for the military in support roles.  From custodians to school teachers, about four-thousand employees at Fort Campbell will work fewer days.

Funding for uniformed personnell and combat operations is exempt from the cuts.  However, Fort Campbell Public Affairs Director Bob Jenkins says training will be impacted.

"Let's say we have one unit and they're only going to deploy a portion of that unit, the portion that's deploying will receive their training first," explains Jenkins.

Fort Campbell is home to 30,000 soldiers and a supported population of 150,000 that includes retirees, civilian employees, and their families.  Those dependent on Fort Campbell's services are being told it's important now more than ever to make appointments and keep them, as support staff will be reduced to 32-hour work weeks.  Most furlough days will be taken on Mondays and Fridays.