Gov. Fletcher Seeks Delay In Testifying

Frankfort, KY – Attorneys for Governor Fletcher will go to court Monday to seek a delay in Fletcher's appearance before a special grand jury investigating his administration's personnel practices.
Deputy attorney general Pierce Whites says the prosecutors will oppose the delay because it presents significant scheduling problems.
Fletcher's Nashville attorney, James Neal, says the Tuesday appearance conflicts with a medical appointment he has. Fletcher's Louisville counsel, Kent Westberry, declined comment in response to an e-mail inquiry.
Though the request was for a delay of only a few days, Whites said it would mean Fletcher's appearance would be put off until well into September. Prosecutor Scott Crawford-Sutherland has a trial scheduled the week after next and the schedules of grand jurors raise conflicts as well.
Prosecutors are also fighting deadlines on potential charges. Most of the crimes that have been charged in the investigation are misdemeanors, which have a one year statute of limitations to bring the charges