Governor Beshear: Kentucky Largely Unaffected by Sandy

Nov 1, 2012

Governor Steve Beshear says Kentucky is in pretty good shape in the wake of superstorm Sandy. The storm that swept across the northeastern U.S. has affected states as far west as Wisconsin and as far south as the Carolinas. 

Power is out in many areas and the damage is extensive, especially in New York and New Jersey. Beshear says besides some snow, Kentucky has been pretty lucky.

"The main issue we've dealt with was heavy snowfall in portions of eastern Kentucky.  We've had some power outages, some roads we've had to clear, some school closures, but really nothing we can't handle," stated Beshear.

Meanwhile, Kentucky State Parks are offering special rates through Sunday because of severe weather in Kentucky and elsewhere that may have stranded or rerouted travelers. The resort parks participating are Blue Licks Battlefield, Jenny Wiley, Carter Caves, Greenbo Lake, and Pine Mountain, and Cumberland Falls. 

For more information, contact the park and ask about the emergency shelter rate.