Governor Patton Hires Washington Attorney

Frankfort – Governor Paul Patton is adding a high-powered Washington attorney to the team defending him against charges leveled by a former western Kentucky nursing home operator. The Louisville Courier Journal reports the Governor has hired Gerald Feffer, a Washington DC lawyer who works for the firm that represented former President Clinton during his impreachment trial.

Feffer didn't personally represent Clinton, but he has worked for high profile clients such as the Church of Scientology and former New York hotel operator Leona Helmsley. Patton, along with the Kentucky state government, is being sued by Tina Connor for sexual harrassment. Connor says the Governor abused his power by sending state regulators after her nursing home after she broke off a two year extra-marital affair with Patton. The Governor has admitted to having the affair with Connor, but denies using his office to either help or hurt Connor's business.