Governor Wants to Reorganize Kentucky's Human Rights Commission

Frankfort, KY – Governor Fletcher's Chief of Staff says Kentucky's
Governor is planning to re-organize the state's
Human Rights Commission. Daniel Groves says
the final details of the Commission's future make-up
were not finished. However, he says the move would
reduce the number of Commissioners and would
make them full-time.

Currently, the Commission has eleven part-time
unpaid Commissioners, with each being appointed
by the Governor. The Commission, which was
established in 1960, is responsible for reviewing
Civil Rights related complaints.

Groves says under the reorganization the Commission
would be moved under the purview of the State's Office
of Minority Empowerment.

Beverly Watts, the Commission's Executive Director, says
she does not agree with the plan. She says former
Governor Paul Patton had considered a similar
change, but decided against it ----because it was too