Governor's Office Names Tax Consulting Team

May 2, 2012

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s office has awarded the contract for the Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform to a three person team made up of two consultants from the University of Kentucky and one from the University of Tennessee.  The Governor says the individuals selected for the consulting team have the necessary experience to address the issues before the Commission.

Kentucky's Governor says the goals for the group include improving the tax code with principles of fairness and business competitiveness.

Dr. William Hoyt and Michael Childress are with the University of Kentucky, while Dr. William Fox is with the University of Tennessee. Dr. Fox is a professor of economics and the Director of the University of Tennessee’s Center for Business and Economic Research. Dr. Hoyt is director of U-K’s Martin School of Public Policy.

The next meeting of the Commission is set for May 8th in Frankfort.