Governor's Tax Commission to Visit Bowling Green

Jun 18, 2012

The governor’s commission on tax reform will be in Bowling Green Tuesday evening.  The panel will hold a public meeting from 6-8pm at Greenwood High School. Business, education, and political leaders make up the commission, but Governor Steve Beshear says they don’t have the only say.

"We want to hear from Kentuckians, what they think about our tax system, what their ideas may be, what their reactions are to some of the ideas that some of these economists might come up with, because in the end it affects them," says Beshear.

The commission is also using a consultant who, ten years ago, recommended Kentucky broaden its sales tax base. 

The governor says all kinds of tax reforms will be on the table, which might include taxes on services and changes to tax incentives. 

The commission wraps up public meetings in August, three months ahead of a November deadline to submit recommendations. 

Governor Beshear could call a special session before the end of the year, and in that case, the recommendations would require a majority of votes in both the Kentucky House and Senate. 

If he waits until the next legislative session in January, it would take a super majority in each chamber to pass the legislation.