Grand Jurors Worried About Being Sued

Frankfort, KY – Members of the special grand jury investigating the Fletcher administration asked a judge Thursday if the state would represent them should they be sued.
The question arose earlier in the week
during debate over the effect of Governor Fletcher's pardons and amnesty for anyone who might be charged. Franklin Circuit Judge William Graham told jurors to go about their business and he'll let them know the outcome of the legal debate.
He assured them they can not be held legally liable for any action they take. Graham warned jurors, however, that they are not allowed to name individuals who have not been indicted in any final report they make.
The foreman of the grand jury said the panel also wanted to make a statement, but graham advised against it. The forewoman also asked whether the jury should continue its work.
Graham said it's up to the jury to decide whether to return and more indictments while the legal debate over the effect of the pardons continues.