Half of Tennesseans Polled Want Entire Federal Health Care Law Thrown Out

May 21, 2012

A new poll of Tennesseans shows a majority of those surveyed want either all or part of the federal health care law found unconstitutional. But the same survey showed most people were happy with certain provisions of the law. The survey was conducted this month by Vanderbilt University, and polled 1,000 Tennessee residents.

The Tennessean reports that of those surveyed, 50% said they wanted the US Supreme Court to throw out the entire “Affordable Care Act”. Twelve percent say they only want the most controversial provision—the one that mandates that everyone buy health insurance—found unconstitutional.

A little over a quarter of those polled--26%--said they want the law to remain in its current form.

Despite the antagonism towards the health care law, 73% of Tennesseans support a provision in the act that allows parents to keep children under the age of 26 on their health insurance plan.

But 59% of those surveyed opposed a provision that prevents insurance companies from charging customers higher premiums based on pre-existing conditions or medical history.