Harbaugh: Seeing Sons Face Each Other is the Most Difficult Thing in Sports

Feb 1, 2013

Jackie and Jack Harbaugh, visiting WKU in Sept. 2012
Credit Kevin Willis

Fans of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens have good reason to be nervous as their teams prepare for Super Bowl Sunday. But nobody will have a more conflicted set of emotions Sunday night than former WKU football coach Jack Harbaugh and his wife, Jackie.

The Harbaugh's sons are the two head coaches of 49ers and Ravens, meaning one child is guaranteed to win the year's biggest game, and another is guaranteed to lose.

Last fall the Harbaugh parents visited WKU when the school honored the Jack Harbaugh-led 2002 WKU football team that won the 1-AA NCAA national championship. WKU Public Radio interviewed Coach Harbaugh, and asked him about the prospects of a Super Bowl matchup between his sons' teams.

Jack Harbaugh told us what it was like the previous time the 49ers and Ravens played, on Thanksgiving night in 2011.

We have an audio archive of Coach Harbaugh's reponse at the top of the page.