Health Professionals Urge Parents of School Children to be Aware of Immunization Requirements

Bowling Green, KY – With the start of the new school year less than one month away in many parts of Kentucky, Health Professionals are reminding parents about the importance of immunization for students. Bowling Green Pediatrician, Dr. Kelly Kries,says parents with youngsters in Kindergarten and the Sixth grade need to be especially aware of immunization schedules. Dr. Kries says Sixth grade and Kindergarten students are required to have their immunizations up to date prior to entering school for the fall semester. She calls this a good opportunity to remind parents about the role vaccinations play in helping to protect the health of their own child.

Dr. Kries says immunizations have helped to significantly reduce the number of cases of measles, diptheria, rubella, and other serious diseases. Pediatricians
across the state can provide more information about recommended vaccination schedules.