Hearing Set for Bowling Green-Warren County Student Transfer Dispute

Apr 30, 2014

The Warren County school district and the Bowling Green school system will go before a hearing officer Thursday in hopes of resolving an ongoing dispute. The two sides are at odds over a non-resident student agreement. 

Non-resident students are county students allowed to attend city schools where state funding travels with the students.  The county wants to limit the number of transfers to just siblings of current students. The city wants the 750 non-resident students, as currently permitted, plus more if county student enrollment grows. 

The year-long dispute has included multiple proposals from each side, though no agreement.  Bowling Green Superintendent Joe Tinius says not having a contract is making it hard to plan for next school year.

"More so than our planning, it's the impact on parents of not knowing if their child, those who have applied, will be able to attend Bowling Green schools," says Tinius.

Warren County Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton is confident the two sides can reach a deal.

"Even though under current law, there is no obligation on behalf of Warren County Public Schools to enter into an agreement, our board has been steadfast from the very beginning that they wish to do so," explains Clayton.

The hearing, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, is open to the public and takes place at the Warren County Justice Center starting at 8:30 a.m. 

The hearing officer is Lexington attorney Mike Wilson, who will make a recommendation to Kentucky’s education commissioner.