Hiring "Hit List" Made Public

Frankfort, Ky – A judge has released a document that has been deemed a "hit list" for personnel actions in the transportation cabinet under the Fletcher administration.
The names contain such notations as "Democrat" and "Holdover of Governor Patton" and the suggestions range from temrination to reassignment to forced transfers.
The document was filed last week in an affidavit from investigators seeking search warrants for more administration offices. Deputy attorney general Pierce Whites declined to say where the list was obtained, except that it was received under an earlier subpoena from the special grand jury investigating administration personnel practices.
Among the people on the list is Mike Duncan, the former deputy inmspector general in the transportation cabinet. Three cabinet officials have been indicted for allegedly conspiring to fire him solely because of his political affiliations. The list notes that Duncan gave money to the campaign of Ben Chandler, who was defeated by Governor Fletcher in 2003.