Hot Weather to Continue

Jun 25, 2012

The National Weather Service says heat will build across Kentucky this week, climaxing in triple-digit readings on Friday. Meteorologists say temperature readings that day could reach 103 degrees in Owensboro. The forecast is leading to more worries for farmers.

The Weather Service says temperatures across much of the Commonwealth could top 100 degrees on Friday, including areas ranging from Louisville to Newport. Forecasters say sunny days will also be accompanied by little chance of rain for the week.

That lack of rainfall is leading to increased concern about the health of this year's corn and soybean crops. Very dry conditions in several parts of southern and central Indiana are also leading to concern about crops in those areas.  Experts at the University of Kentucky say the exceptionally dry conditions mean farmers should consider a rotational grazing system for their livestock.  Some portions of western Kentucky are 8 to 9 inches below normal in terms of rainfall.