Jellystone Park in Cave City to Relocate Two Abandoned Cemeteries

Mar 6, 2017


The owner of a Cave City campground says two abandoned cemeteries discovered on the property will be moved to a nearby location after a series of legal steps is completed.

Bill Pott owns Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Cave City. He says Barren County Fiscal Court has already approved the relocation of about two dozen graves with headstones dating back to the late 1800s. Pott says a nearby cemetery with some graves from the same era will offer more respect for the departed ones.

“Kids are going to be kids and a cemetery in the middle of a campground is going to be desecrated. There’s nothing I can to that would stop that. So the proper thing to do is to follow the law and to relocate these people to a place where they can receive the proper reverence they deserve.”

Pott says a public notice period and approval from the state bureau of vital records is required before the graves can be moved.           

“Then we will have a licensed funeral director involved. We will have an ordained minister involved. We’ll get an excavation crew for the disinterment. We’ll have new caskets, pine boxes made for these, and then we’ll go over and have them re-interred properly at the new location.”

Pott says moving the graves will be at the expense of the campground.