Judge Orders Attorneys in Goodrum Case Not to Talk to Media

Bowling Green, KY – The Special Judge assigned to the Katie Autry murder
case in Bowling Green is admonishing attorneys in
the case not to talk to the media. At a pre-trial hearing
in Bowling Green, Judge Tom Castlen said the case
has already drawn plenty of media attention. The Judge
urged defense and prosecution attorneys to "try the case
in the courtroom."

Castlen also ruled yesterday that television cameras and
still photography will not be allowed in the courtroom,
once the trial starts. Jury selection in the case is now
expected to start on July 30th.

Lucas Goodrum is facing murder, arson, and rape charges
in connection with the death last year of Western Kentucky
University student Katie Autry. The Pellville, Kentucky
freshman died last May, after she was assaulted in
her residence hall room.