Judge Refuses to Dismiss Convention Center Lawsuit

Bowling Green, KY – Warren County Circuit Court Judge Steve Wilson
has refused to dismiss a lawsuit claiming a
prominent attorney owes the city of Bowling Green
several hundred thousand dollars. Judge Wilson
ruled that the city has standing to sue Steve Catron
over his work related to the Convention Center in
Bowling Green.

The city claims Catron billed for improper services
related to the work. Wilson also rejected a motion
to disqualify attorney Gregg Hovious from the case.
Hovious is representing the city, but he also participated
in a report on the Convention Center which provided
information used in the lawsuit. Defense Attorney
Jeff Herbert says he may call Hovious as a witness,
and Wilson said the motion to disqualify Hovious could
be re-considered later.

Wilson also over-ruled a defense motion to drop Catron's
wife and her property from the case. Once again, Wilson
indicated that issue might be addressed at a later date.