Judge Will Issue Ruling Today on Lawsuit over Kentucky Redistricting Maps

A judge is expected to rule this afternoon in a lawsuit over Kentucky’s new state House and Senate redistricting maps. Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepard listened to three hours of arguments Monday and told the involved parties that he will decide Tuesday whether to grant a temporary injunction.

“It’s my intent to get you all at best a preliminary ruling on the matters that are before the court by close of business," Shepard said.

Those advocating for the injunction want to delay the filing deadline, so they can challenge the constitutionality of the new map in court. This group now officially includes state Senator Kathy Stein, who wants a delay in the Senate maps. Stein was drawn out of her district when the General Assembly approved the new maps earlier this month.

Because of her late addition to the case and lots of new arguments being made, Shepard says he wants time to think about his ruling.

But he says no matter what he rules, he believes the redistricting lawsuits will end up in higher courts.