Jury Finds in Favor of WKU in Alleged Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Bowling Green, KY – In a case that raised a number of questions about fairness in the workplace, jurors have ruled in favor of WKU. Dr. Julian Zhang testified that she had been expected to work fourteen hours per day at the ICSET laboratory, and she charged that she lost her job when her boss, Dr. Wei-Ping Pan, learned she had become pregnant. Dr. Zhang, who earned her doctorate at Northwestern University, was employed for less than a year at WKU in 2006-2007. However, University attorneys were able to successfully argue that Dr.Zhang's job performance problems were the cause of her job termination. Bowling Green attorney Greg Stivers told jurors in closing arguments that the job "was not a food fit" for Dr. Zhang. Testimony in the case spanned three days.