Kentucky Per Capita Personal Income Rises, But Still Lags Behind Other States

Mar 31, 2012

Figures compiled by the U-S Commerce Department indicate that per capita personal income in Kentucky increased more than four percent in the past year. 

However,  residents of the state still have one of the lowest per capita income figures in the country.

According  to the Commerce Department, total personal income in the bluegrass state increased from 2010 to 2011, with per capita personal income totaling  $33,667.   The Commerce Department says that figure represents an increase of 4.2 % in that time period.

However, the report also reveals that Kentucky residents continue to lag behind people in other states in terms of income. On a per capita basis, residents of the Commonwealth earned slightly more money than the residents of only three other states……  Mississippi, Idaho, and West Virginia.  By comparison, residents of Tennessee earned nearly three thousand dollars more per year, according to the Commerce Department figures. Residents of Indiana had a per capita personal income last year of $35,550.