Kentucky Challenger Lunsford Faces a Tough Fight Against Sen. McConnell

Lexington, KY – Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford must excite grassroots Democrats in Kentucky to beat incumbent U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, according to Al Cross, director of the University of Kentucky Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues.

"If [Lunsford] can energize grassroots Democrats to be for him, then he does have a chance to beat Mitch McConnell, because we've got a very bad national mood, and a bad imcumbent mood," Cross said.

"I think it's pretty clear that McConnell has a lead in the middle to high single digits," McConnell added.

At a recent Democratic gathering in Marshall County, Lunsford was able to grab the attention of the crowd by telling his personal story, which includes growing up on a farm in Kentucky and picking tobacco.

"People were listening. They want to know about this guy. They want to know if he's worth their vote," Cross said.

"It's all about the undecided and the persuadable voters. We have no idea what issues are going to move them around. The presidential race may have some influence, and other issues may crop up," Cross added.

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