Kentucky Could Lose Federal Highway Money

Frankfort, KY – Because federal highway dollars would be put at risk, a Kentucky House budget provision requiring the use of asphalt instead of concrete for interstate construction appears dead.
The transportation cabinet was notified by the federal highway administration last week that the plan to use asphalt jeopardizes the federal aid funding of all interstate projects in kentucky.
Representative Rob Wilkey says the provision needs to be removed from the state budget if it jeopardizes federal money.
Senate president David Williams wants the senate to remove the provision, saying he does not consider the language appropriate.
Also, the Federal Highway Administration has warned in a letter that the Louisville bridges project could lose future federal funding if lawmakers fail to contribute more state money.
That means lawmakers have to earmark more money for the Ohio river bridges and delay other state projects, or lose federal funding for the bridges.
Senate President David Williams says there's going to be a meeting with the state transportation cabinet to see if the problem can be resolved. The problem occurred when the Kentucky House proposed shifting some of the money from the bridges project to provide money for more construction projects in the state.