Kentucky Governor Signs Bill Banning Synthetic Drugs

May 31, 2012

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is in Hopkinsville today to sign into law legislation aimed at curbing the use of synthetic drugs.  It will now be illegal to sell or possess the substances that produce a marijuana-like high and are often marketed as herbal incense and bath salts. 

Kentucky in the past has enacted legislation banning many of the chemicals found in synthetic drugs, but manufacturers have found ways to change the formulas, keeping a step ahead of law enforcement.  Governor Beshear says the new law is more comprehensive and will hopefully put backdoor chemists out of business.

"Representative John Tilley in Hopkinsville really took this on as a cause and fashioned a bill that I think will help us because it addresses categories instead of specific drugs and will hopefully help us reach out and keep more of these things off the market," says Beshear.

Synthetic drugs are found in convenience stores and hookah lounges, among other places.  The chemicals can cause erratic behavior and severe health consequences.  Several Kentucky cities and counties have already passed local ordinances banning the drugs.