Kentucky Guardsmen Wounded In Iraq

Paducah, KY – From his hospital bed in german, Bill Haynes of Paducah has described the ambush in Iraq that left him and two other soldiers wounded.
He says the Kentucky National Guardsmen were ambushed by about 40 insurgents who launched their attack from a canal. Haynes' boyhood friend Bryan Mack turned their truck around when bullets and rocket-propelled grenades were fired at them from all sides.
Haynes says he and Sergeant Joe Rivera of Bowling Green fired back and killed 26 of the attackers. Reinforcements arrived immediately, joined in the battle and rescued the wounded men.
The three Kentucky Guradsmen are reported stable at the U. S. Army Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany with serious to very serious injuries including numerous shrapnel hits and a gunshot wound to Mack's chest.