Kentucky House Bill Would Help Local Airports

Feb 9, 2013

South-Central Kentucky area House members from both sides of the aisle are teaming up to push legislation that could send millions of dollars to the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport over the next five years to expand flights and services.

The Bowling Green Daily News reports the bill's sponsors include Democratic Representatives Jody Richards of Bowling Green and Wilson Stone of Scottsville, and Republican Bowling Green Representative Jim DeCesare of Bowling Green.

Yet to be determined is which airline route, either to Chicago or Atlanta, would best serve the airport's business customers if a commercial service is landed. Also under consideration is a less than daily flight with a leisure carrier.

If approved, the bill would direct $2 million for each of the next five fiscal years to communities that already have federal Small Community Service Grants. Bowling Green has received a $500,000 grant in that category.

Airport manager Rob Barnett was quoted by the Bowling Green Daily News as saying another half-million dollars would go a long way in helping guarantee revenues in an unproven market. The funds would come from the Kentucky Aviation Economic Development Fund which was established in 2000.

Barnett will be meeting next month with several different regional  airlines to gauge interest and try to lure one or more to Bowling Green.