Kentucky House to Consider Bill Legalizing Medical Research on Cannabis Oil

Mar 19, 2014

A bill that would permit state universities to research and prescribe medicinal cannabis oil has passed out of a House committee.

Lawmakers in the House Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 124 by a unanimous vote. 

The proposed legislation would permit the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky to study the effects of a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that some say alleviate symptoms of some neurological disorders.

Rita Wooton of Hyden, Kentucky, testified before the committee. She’s been lobbying the legislature to pass the bill in order to help her son, Eli, and others who suffer from chronic seizures.

“When I started this roller coaster ride, I guess about two months ago, two-and-a-half months ago, I never thought that this would ever be feasible for any of us," Wooten told lawmakers. "I mean, people, parents, moms, dads, adults across this state, but now it is. And we’re just really really excited.” 

The bill now heads to the House of Representatives, where the bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Julie Denton, says its chances of passing are “exceptionally good.”