Kentucky Members of Congress Call for Full Representation in Census for Military Personnel

Apr 27, 2012

U-S Senator Rand Paul, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power Ed Whitfield, and U-S Congressman Brett Guthrie have introduced the Services Members and Communities Act. The sponsors of the bill say it  would provide a more accurate count of deployed service members in the national census. Representatives Guthrie and Whitfield introduced the legislation in the U-S House today, after Senator Paul introduced it in the Senate yesterday.

The lawmakers say some communities surrounding military bases are not accurately counted, and are not receiving federal funds that can be used to support the families of service members. Supporters of the bill say that situation has become more apparent as thousands of troops have been deployed overseas.

The legislation would fully count all members of the Armed Services, and would allow deployed service members to be counted in the communities in which their permanent duty station or home is located on the date of the census.  Under current policy, sailors and some Marines, if deployed on a U-S naval vessel, are counted in the home port of the respective ship.