Kentucky Members of Congress Cast Divided Vote to Reopen Government, Avoid Default

Oct 17, 2013

The federal government is back open for business after Congress on Wednesday night approved a bi-partisan agreement that ended the partial shutdown and avoided a debt default. 

Among Kentucky’s Congressional delegation, three members, all Republicans, voted against the measure.  Senator Rand Paul issued a statement following the vote in his chamber.

“Tonight, a deal was struck to reopen the government and avoid the debt ceiling deadline. That is a good thing,” Sen. Paul said. “However, our country faces a problem bigger than any deadline: a $17 trillion debt. I am disappointed that Democrats would not compromise to avoid the looming debt debacle.”

Congressmen Andy Barr and Thomas Massie also voted against the bill.

The remainder of Kentucky’s federal lawmakers voted to approve the compromise agreement, partially brokered by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. 

“No deal is ever perfect, and this one is far from it,” said Congressman Guthrie.  “But after 16 days of a government shutdown and on the brink of potential fiscal calamity, we acted to resume government operations and avoid defaulting on our financial obligations.”

Joining Guthrie and McConnell as ‘yes’ votes were GOP Congressmen Hal Rogers and Ed Whitfield, and Democrat John Yarmuth.