Kentucky Public Service Commission Looks at New Area Code Options

Sep 27, 2012

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has opened a proceeding that will lead to the creation of a new area code in all or a portion of the area currently served by 270.  The PSC says it was  notified in August by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator that 270 is expected to run out of available numbers by the third quarter of 2014. Now the PSC says that projection has been moved up to the first quarter of 2014.

Two options are under consideration to deal with the issue, according to the PSC.  An overlay could be used to create a 364 code  in the same area currently using 270.  The second option is a split, which would assign area 364 to a portion of the current 270 region. An overlay would require 10 digit calling for local calls.

Meetings will be scheduled next month to get public input on the proposals.  The 270 area code was created in 1999 by splitting area code 502. Public comments on the proposal for an overlay must be submitted to the PSC by November 16th.