Kentucky School Districts Race to Increase Dropout Age

Jun 27, 2013

In the first 48 hours since a new law took effect, 54 school districts in Kentucky have voted to raise the high school dropout age to 18. 

Ninety-six districts need to act in order for the higher age to become mandatory statewide.  Already halfway there, Governor Steve Beshear says he's confident the goal will be met by the end of the year. 

For those districts that do act early, Beshear says they'll receive $10,000 grants to implement programs for students at risk of dropping out.

"Virtually every student I know who drops out doesn't do so because they just don't want to be there or they're just not smart enough to do the work," suggests Beshear.  "They drop out because they're just not interested.  We haven't found a way to prick their interest in completing an education."

Senate Bill 97, known as the “Graduate Kentucky” bill, passed this year and phases in an increase in the compulsory school attendance age from 16 to 18, amending the school attendance law created in 1934.