Kentucky Senators Praise Alito

Washington, DC – Kentucky's U. S. senators are praising Supreme Court nominee Judge
Samuel Alito.
Sen. Jim Bunning introduced himself to Alito last week during a chance
meeting in the men's room of the Capitol.
Immediately after the bathroom encounter, which took place Thursday at
the Capitol, Bunning and Alito arranged a slightly more dignified meeting
in a room off the Senate floor.
They talked about judicial philosophy and Bunning praised Alito as "bright
and scholarly" as newly appointed Chief Justice John Roberts. Bunning said
he would support Alito's nomination.
President Bush nominated Alito as a replacement for retiring Justice Sandra
Day O'Connor, an important swing vote on issues like abortion and
affirmative action.
Fellow Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell met with Alito the same day.
McConnell described Alito as a " very, very impressive intellect and a very
well qualified nominee".