Kentucky Sends More Aid To Gulf Coast

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky National Guard is rolling into action to help in relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Adjutant General Donald Storm says 47 Kentucky Air National Guard personnel are to be dispatched, along with two C-130 aircraft. The contingent will initially deliver 200,000 empty sandbags.
Storm says another 260 National Guard troops will leave along with trucks, tankers, wreckers and a maintenance section. The land units will provide supply distribution once given specific assignments.
Also, hospitals in Kentucky are preparing to accept patients from areas devastated by the hurricane.
Louisville mayor Jerry Abramson says 50 to 75 hurricane victims could be sent to Louisville hospitals. He says they're being brought to Kentucky to free up beds closer to the Gulf Coast for emergency patients.
In central kentucky, 15 hospitals are preparing to accommodate up to 50 new patients a day from the hurricane region. That's according to Debra Dillon, emergency management coordinator for the Lexington Veterans Medical Center.